Andrew Ferrara má pro vás 11.5 milionu dolarů co zabavil talibánskému kurýrovi

Tak trochu zábavný “nigerijský” dopis, zejména pokud si uvědomíte souvislosti. Ty vám ostatně autor tohoto klasického podvodu sám umožní poznat. Píše vám totiž Andrew Ferrara, což opravdu je americký voják a opravdu se nachází v Afghánistánu. Jeho příběh prošel světovými médii.

Andrew Ferrara z klasického “nigerijského” dopisu je samozřejmě podvrh. Oněch 11.5 milionu dolarů prý “zabavil” (spolu s dalšími kolegy) kurýrovi. A protože je nemíní odevzdat, podělí se právě s vámi. Protože je to prý lepší, než kdyby je předali tamní policii a za si je ponechala pro osobní spotřebu.  Není to novinka, v databázích s příklady “nigerijských” podvodných dopisů ho najdete už od ledna 2012.

2012/2/21 Lieutenant Andrew Ferrara <>

Dear Friend,

Pardon my intrusion; my name is Lieutenant Andrew Ferrara, presently I’m on active
duty in Afghanistan. Please, I have an obscured business proposal that will be of mutual benefit to both of us.

Few days ago, my colleagues and I intercepted a radical Taliban courier responsible for the transportation of huge amount of funds and on this unfortunate incident, we rounded up a total of US$11,5 Million United States Dollars.
After detailed discussion with my platoon, we came to a conclusion that if the funds are
handed over to the Afghan Police, there is the possibility that the funds will be confiscated for thveir personal consumption. Therefore, it was my duty to find a partner whom will receive this fund for the benefit of us all.

With all due humility, I want you to be our partner in receiving this funds. The funds will be moved out of this country through a air cargo transport means and all you are required to do is receive the funds and an account will be provided to you, which you will use in transferring our share.

Sir, our word is our life, I personally assure you that this fund has been carefully contained and there is no need to worry about the source as we will not do anything that will bring problems to you or traced back to us.

For your honest participation in this deal, we are ready to divide the funds into three equal parts, one third will be for you, one third will be sent to my Late Brother’s young family, details will be provided to you as time goes on. See link to learn more about my family;

If you are willing, please do not hesitate to contact me with your Full names, phone number and current residential address.
send the above information to my private Email :