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World of Warcraft (EN)

Občas hledám tlačítko pro přehlášení na jinou postavu. A nemohu ho najít

Zajímavý příběh ... WOWko jsem hrál nějaké 3-4 roky, LOTRO tak rok, rok a půl, po večerech a když je čas hraju RIFT. A WOWko mi svým způsobem chybí, jenže přesně jak se to v tomhle příběhu říka, "ta hra pořád běží, donekonečna, i když v ní nejste". Poznal jsem tam spoustu lidí, na řadu z nich vzpomínám. Na fantastickou partu v gildě ve Woku, lidi z Švédska, Itálie, Rumunska a Anglie. Stejně tak na super partu lidí z Mythu, pr ozměnu česko-slovenský kinship z Lotra. A Dark Legion aktuálně v Mythu? Další parta fajn lidí. 

Ten příběh ve filmu je věrný popis reality, virtuální reality, kam se dá strašně snadno utéct a najít tam útočiště před světem. A i když si možná nevybudujete závislost a nepropadnete tomu, stejně vám to čas od času bude chybět. A budete-li tyhle věcí hrát, je to takový pohyb v kruzích. Chvíli to milujete, pak to začnete nenávidět, zkusíte odejít, začne vám to chybět. Mezitím ty prevíti co to vytvářejí dodají nový obsah, takže chvíli budete mít zase co milovat. 

Jenže, svým způsobem je ten reálný život vlastně stejný. Nekonečný grind, kolotoč, práce, jídlo, práce, jídlo, spaní, vydělat peníze, dosáhnout kýžených cílů, zvítězit v boji o přežití. Jen jedno mi vrtá hlavou, dá se v reálném životě taky udělat /gdisbad? A Game Quit? Nikde tu nevidím tlačítko na smazání postavy. A relognout na jinou se mi taky nedaří.

Poznámka, text k videu vloženém na můj profil na Facebooku, myslím že si zaslouží i zachování na blogu a ten dokument, ten je opravdu výborný.

Avatar Days

Krátký film ukazující hráče World of Warcraft v reálném světě. Zajímavý hlavně přenesením jejich postav do reálného prostředí. A momentem, kdy se v zrcadle vidí tak, jak vypadají jako lidé. Povedené technicky i pointou.

Moonkin BiS gear for ICC 25 in handy compact table format

Easy to use list of BiS gear from ICC25 - print it out and mark gear you have. Or use HTML editor and keep it in your computer. Helps greatly to see what item is upgrade for you. Or just what to aim at.

Rawr - Check enchants, gem, talents and get idea of gear upgrades

Rawr is easy to use, just load your character from armory and look at every aspect of it. Easy to find what upgrades are available for each slot. With optimizer it helps to find badly placed gems, missing or wrong enchants, suggest better talents or glyphs. Check it out. And check out your toon.

Addon tip : Steal Your Carbon (SYC)

As Tekkub says: StealYourCarbon is a simple reagent restocker addon. When you visit a vendor who sells an item you have told SYC to buy, it buys it for you. Never run out of water again!

And that's exactly it. On my druid i just told SYC to restock reagents for buffing as well as two stacks of something to drink for Mana. My Death Knight is happy with dust always availble and Rogue with his poisonsnever missing from his invetory. But be warned, SYC will not help you to remember to go to vendor and open trade :)

Addon tip : Warmup

Well, Warmup from Tekkub is quite "old". And it has not been updated for long time. But still it's tool of tremendous value. Recently i had problem of very slow game loading (and reloading) - obviously some add-ons were taking too much time to load. And Warmup is something that can help - install  it, start your game, then use any addon manager to enable this addon and reload your UI. After that type /wu and look through complete list of add-ons and time taken for their load (scroll with mouse scroll wheel). Those yellow might still be OK, but anything red (and let say over 0.5 sec) is certainly worth of checking. 

Addon tip: Warmup

I have found few addons taking more than one second to load. Some of the were not necessary for playing, so they were removed. For some others i checked for new versions and seems the loading time in those is better. And with rest, like Armory/Auctioneer, well, i have to live with their longer loading times. 

Addon tip: SmartBuff

SmartBuff (Curse download for example) is handy addon for any class responsible for buffing in party/raid. And helpfull even if you solo. It just takes care of all buffs you should have or buff your party/raid and remind you when there is need to buff something. Buffing can be automated - in my case i just use scrolling button on mouse (down) to buff anything needed. Addon can be configured for particular instances and situations to make life even more easier. 

Addon tip: SmartBuff

Spirit Beast tamed

Spirit Beast in Dalaran fountainI always wanted to have a rare pet on my hunter alt and I wanted either Loque'nahak or Gondria. Since Monday I believe in miracles :) What happened? As usually I was leveling with my friend in The Storm Peaks. There's no time to read chat or whispers too much, we go...we run...questing in a rush. So we are running and I just got some group inv. "Yea, that's some ninja invite again" I was thinking to myself. But suddenly some hunter asking me if I'm BM. And I am because of the exotic pets I wanted to tame. So I answer - yes. "Come, I have a spirit beast for you, Gondria". Wow, I was excited, shivering! The fastest way to meet was leave our current group and inv the hunter, so I did. Can this be real? Or is someone playing with me? No, it was real. The hunter said he already has this beast and just wanted to give opportunity to another hunter. I was so lucky! I put Freezing trap and started to tame. Uhm, I was a bit wild and I think there was some elite mob near, I think the hunter had to kill it so I could tame my beast. I really don't remember :) so I want to give my big thanks to him again, he could just kill Gondria for achievement/loot, but he were so kind to help me to tame her, he was Mithrael from Peacekeepers.

Guide: All classes best enchants. Helps you to answer "what enchants i have to choose?"

Look up your class and best enchant for every slot in this complete guide. Differences between specs are taken into account as well as some variations available in few slots. Professions specifics enchant referenced also.

Addon tip : Satrina Buff Frames

Satrina Buff Frames is good replacement for standard buff frames from Blizzard. Even in it's basic form it offers few important enhancements - buffs can be placed inline (vertical or horizontal) and separated between buffs and debuffs more clearly. Obvious additions are better visible timers and change in size/form. For those more advanced there are tons of options and possibilities. And if you like "bar" view, even that is possible.

You can combine them with Quartz into something good and practical to use. Quartz offers better representation of cast bar and buffs/debuffs at target and focus frame. For my moonkin Quartz offers mainly better overview of various DoTs placed there - it's easier to see them fading and requiring renew.

Main reason for switching to Satrina Buff Frames was for me need to list buffs and debuffs as one line atop of the screen (i just love lot of free space) with better visibility of debufs. And SBF does it marvelously.

Feast of Winter Veil guide - Complete guide to get all your achievements

Long waiting for meta-achievement and nice drake might be over for some players. But it won't be fast. And here we are with some help.

Winter Veil bosses for Red Winter Hat and Green Winter Hat

Winter Veil bosses of Azeroth:
War Master Voone (Blackrock Spire) - Red Winter Hat
Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (Blackrock Depths) - Red Winter Hat
Cannon Master Willey (Stratholme) - Red Winter Hat
Goraluk Anvilcrack (Blackrock Spire) - Green Winter Hat
Prince Tortheldrin (Dire Maul) - Green Winter Hat
Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance) - Green Winter Hat

Winter Veil bosses of Outland:
Captain Skarloc (Escape from Durnholde Keep) - Red Winter Hat
Nethermancer Sepethrea (The Mechanar) - Red Winter Hat
High Botanist Freywinn (The Botanica) - Red Winter Hat
Grand Warlock Nethekurse (Shattered Halls) - Green Winter Hat
Grandmaster Vorpil (Shadow Labyrinth) - Green Winter Hat
Exarch Maladaar (Auchenai Crypts) - Green Winter Hat


Winter Veil bosses of Northrend: (GUARANTED DROP per every kill)

Addon tip : MarkBar

This is an adjustable toolbar with raid target icon buttons; quicker and easier than the standard UI target popup menu. It also allows to set icons descriptions (ie sheep, sap,...) and party member assignments in order to dump that info in the chat.

What is the Best Gaming Keyboard?

There are now hundreds of keyboards out there that tout themselves as being the perfect interfaces for gaming. Gamepads are all well and good but 'WASD' is the de-facto standard input for many games and for a reason - it's simple and it works.  Despite this, it's surprising how many keyboard manufacturers mess around with the tried and tested layout of a keyboard. Often this tinkering stops you being able to jump into a game knowing instinctively where the right keys are, and can also make simply typing anything a nightmare too. 

Guide: Moonkin Enchants and Gems (and few words about caps) *UPDATED*

Complete list of Enchants and Gems for Moonkin Druid. Choose wisely as you need to maximize Spell damage, maintain HIT Cap and get good crit. Now includes also talent specs, profession bonuses and glyph list.

Icecrown Citadel (ICC) - The Frozen Halls - Where to find entrance and strategies

Bit of help is never wasted. The most basic, where to find new 5 man instance is currently most asked question in chat. So i am here with helpfull hand. Err. Helpfull picture. And of course, something more - strategy.

Pilgrim's Bounty How-To

Here we go with another detailed How-To, this time Pilgrim's Bounty, brand new achievement / seasonal madness. It's all about Turkeys and Rogues. You should know. Shoot them! Turkeys and Rogues :)

Day of the Dead

Hallow's End gone, hope you have got all achievement. Day of the Dead is here. Will tell you how to get easiest achievement ever. And also how to get one weird pet which does nothing. And in fact, it's not pet. Anyway, doing the quest gives easy money and over 20K XP for those 70+

Bear tank gear enchants



Head Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector +37 stamina, +20 defense rating (Argent)
Shoulders Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle +20 dodge rating, +15 defense rating (Sons of Hodir)
Legs Frosthide Leg Armor +22 agility, +55 stamina (Leatherworking)
Back Major Agility +22 Agility (enchant)
Hands Major Agility +20 Agility (enchant)
Chest Powerful Stats +10 All (enchant)
Bracers Major Stamina  +40 stamina
Feet Tuskarr's Vitality +15 stamina, +8% run speed
Weapon Major Agility  +35 agility





Hallow's End - Trick and Treats (Alliance)

Complete and sorted by useful path - Trick and Treats achievements for Alliance.

Daily Tips and Trick available at Facebook Page and Twitter channel

Daily Tips and Trick available at Fcebook Page and Twitter channelDaily Tips and Tricks are available at Facebook Page  World of Warcraft Tips ( Twitter Channel WoW Tips and Tricks (wowtipstricks). Main place is Facebook Page, Twitter channel is just connected for those in love with Twitter (and hating Facebook). Fell free to becoma Fans of Page or follow us on Twitter.

Daily Tips and Tricks provides few tips a day.  Sample is visible in Fan Box at, but if you are familiar with Facebook becoming a fan of page will make all new tips appear in your feed.

Harvest Festival

Honor the heroes of Horde and Alliance in Harvest Festival in new event, this time without any achievement madness. This time head to Ironforge (Orgrimmar), take quest from there ([Honoring a Hero]) and then honor Uther (Alliance) or Grom Hellscream (Horde). Hunters can use [Harvest Boar], [Harvest Fish], [Harvest Fruit] and [Harvest Nectar] (available on table) to feed their pets (increases hapiness). And feel free to /salute, /wave or /bow the ghostly fallen heroes wandering around.

After completing the quest you will receive [Bounty of the Harvest] in the mail (2 days later) - it produces above mentioned food (4 pieces, 12 hour cooldown).

Medium Rare - Rare mobs in Outland

Medium Rare and Bloody Rare after that is remarkable achievement, long list of rare mobs in Outland makes this achievement really long time one. Check the maps before :

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