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Lord of the Ring Online (English)

LOTRO : Legendary traits guide

What traits are there available, how do you get them complete, what monsters you will need to grind. Just all you needed to know about Legendary Traits

LOTRO : Urugarth map, bosses, locations, walkthrough path

Map of Urugarth instance in Lord of the Rings Online. Includes location of bosses, altars, full path through instance and tips

LOTRO : Patch Notes - September 19, 2007

Rejoice, some boring bugs are going to be fixed!

LOTRO : New Premium Services! Common!

LOTRO folks must be extremely happy. Codemasters introduced "premium" service allowing players rename their toons, kins rename their kinship name and also, finally, world character transfers. While the first two "premium" services should be for free , they cost 9.95 USD (12.95USD in kinship rename).

But worst joke is World Character Transfer, whooping 25 USD for just transfer of some bits and bytes between database.

After f**ked Book 10 update this is another blow in faces of players.

LOTRO : Book 10: The City of the Kings (What's new and Where is it)

First try to list new npcs, places, instances and other important additions/changes from Book 10.

LOTRO : Book 10: The City of the Kings (Patch Notes)

Eagerly awaited Book 10 patch for Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) is here. On European realms will be released August 23. Complete Patch Notes here

LOTRO : Deeds and traits - what to get and where, ultimate guide

Overview of traits (deeds) for those wondering what they should finish or leave behind. Two tables which can help you make right decisions

LOTRO : Shores of Evendim preliminary patch notes

Shores of Evendim patch will go live Thursday June 14th and will introduce new zone and loads of new things. And of course some fixes

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