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Lunar Festival 2009 - Elders

Get new achivements, discover new places and get over 5 000 of reputation. All you need to know is visit Elders, NPCs spread all over World of Warcraft. Here is where are they.

WoTLK : The Sons of Hodir Reputation

This is really interesting faction - frost giants with HQ in Dun Niffelem (Storm Peaks) - this location will be available for you only after you reach Neutral standing with them - until then, they are pretty hostile (and i would say, deadly). To get Neutral with them, start quest line from They Took Our Men! (starts in K3, so beware). You will need to complete this quest line, up to A Spark of Hope - it's important to know, that quest The Refiner's Fire will arise from drop (Slag Covered Metal) done when killing Stormforged Iron Giants.

After gaining Neutral, you will gain access to flypoint in Dun Niffelem and to vendor - Sons of Hodir are the only source of shoulder enchants. All daily reputation Quests are in Dun Niffelem.

For rewards look at Sons of Hodir at WoWWiki. Lillehoff, Quartermaster, is at Dun Niffelem.

Reputation raising :

WoTLK : The Argent Crusade Reputation

Argent Dawn no longer, Argent Crusade takes over. Well, add a Order of the Silver Hand into it, mix with Battle for Light's Hope Chapel (Dark Knight final quest event, really nice one). Argent Crusade can be found at Argent Vanguard (Icecrown, place will change dramatically after you finish the quests in there) and in Dawn's Reach (Dragonblight), Light't Breach (Zul'Drak and The Argent Stand (Zul'Drak).

Quartermaster Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard is at Argent Vanguard in Icecrown (at highest located set of  tents). For reputation rewards look at The Argent Crusade in WowWiki.

Reputation raising :

WoTLK : Kirin Tor Reputation

Kirin Tor resides in Dalaran city (not to be confused, the on flying in Northrend) with Archmage Alvareaux being their Quartermaster - just enter The Violet Citadel and go upstairs. For list of rewards see Kirin Tor at WOWWiki.

Reputation raising :

  • Championing (tabbard in lvl 80 instances, yes guys)
  • Daily cooking quest (in Dalaran)
  • Daily jewelcrafting quest (in Dalaran)
  • There are not any other daily reputation quests

WoTLK : Knights of the Ebon Blade Reputation

Organisation behind Death Knights has its main HQ in Acherus: The Ebon Hold in Easter Plaguelands (located above newly filled part of land) - other ases are in Northrend - Ebon Watch in Zul'Drak and Shadow Vault in Icecrown. Small base, quest hub for dailies is near Onslaught Harbor (Icecrown).

It's important to know that you can get access to this faction only fater finishing a serie of quests that will open Shadow Vault for you (It's All Fun And Games questline ending with The Shadow Vault).

For rewards see Knights of the Ebon Blade at WOWWiki. Quartermaster, Duchess Mlynx, can be found at Shadow Vault (inside, on left side).

Reputation raising:

WoTLK : Valiance Expedition

Valiance Expedtion is having it's HQ in /Valiance Keep, first starting town in Northrend (Borean Tundra)  - it's part of Alliance forces known as Alliance Vanguard (íncludes also Explorer's League, The Frostborn, The Silver Covenant). You will get Exalted with Valiance Expedition very soon - just by doing quests. Some of reputation quests will then yield reputation increase with Alliance Vanguard instead.

There is NOT currently any quartermasters.

Reputation raising:

WoTLK : Alliance Vanguard reputation

Alliance Vanguard is having it's HQ in Valgarde/Valiance Keep, first starting town in Northrend (Howling Fjord/Borean Tundra)  - in fact they are overseer for other Alliance forces (Explorer's League, The Frostborn, The Silver Covenant and Valiance Expedition) - and you will get Alliance Vanguard reputation increase from quests done for those other factions.

For rewards see Alliance Vanguard at WOWWiki.

Quartermasters are Logistic Officer Sivlestone (Valiance Keep) and Logistic Office Brighton (Valgarde).

Reputation raising:

  • Championing (do NOT wear championing tabbard of other factions)
  • There are not daily quests

WoTLK : Kalu'ak reputation

Kalu'ak, neutral tribe of tuskarr has it's main HQ at Kamagua (island on west side of Howling Fjord zone) and Moa'ki Harbor (Dragonblight). Their quartermaster at Kamagua is Tanaika, located just on left side from Inn (inn is the only room inside ground), the other is Sairuk (Mo'aki Harbor). For rewards see Kalu'ak in WOWWiki.

Kamagua is also one from point of ship transport in Northrend - goes to Moa'ki Harbor (Dragonblight).

Kalu'ak starting reputation is Neutral, approx 21 500 points comes from Quests, rest must be done by daily reputation quests.

Reputation raising:

WoTLK : Wyrmrest Accord Reputation

Wyrmrest Accord is alliance of red, bronze, green and black dragonflights and their main base is at Wyrmrest Temple (Dragonflight zone) where is also quartermaster - Cielstrasza located at top floor, just on platform with local flymaster.

For rewards see WoWWiki Wyrmrest Accord.

Reputation raising :

WoTLK - Path of the Titans

Yes, i am back at World of Warcraft. This time with Wrath of the Lich King expansion. And could not resist to show the Path of the Titans how it would go across Northrend.

Wrath of the Lich King - Path of the Titans

Path of the Titans is clearly made for Titans, when i saw it first time in Dragonblight, it's hugeness had made me starring at it. Starts at south, at Frozen Sea, goes all through Dragoblight (where it crosses Wyrmrest templ) to suddenly end in air at border with Crystal Song. Would it be complete, it would end in Storm Peaks at Ulduar - but there are only few pieces left on the way to north. Incuding the question, how it did go through huge mountain (where Frosthold is on west side).

Unclear is also how it did passed Engine of Makers and where it connected to Ulduar.

Olympics event in battlegrounds? Weird idea, honest.

Honestly, weird idea to host an event related to olympics in battlegrounds. You can get a tabbard or even pet. And there is some "secret code" business involved - just visit "Battleground Enthusiast" in any major city battleground NPC location.

Olympics event in WOW battlegrounds

Tabbard is reward for going through single battleground, just stay for whole duration. Pet is reward for winning any battleground - however, it's not granted (it has sort of "drop" rate).

Weird places : Jar of ashes

Skeleton holding jar of ashes. Accesible with flying mount, or actually, you can jump down to him, but you cannot get back up from where you jumped. Check for yourself in Hellfire Peninsula [45.1, 87.2] and start wondering - what's going on? Is this really a part of Ashbringer quest line (joking). Maybe it's really a tribute to Tseric?

Jar actually holds readable text : Here is a jar of ashes. These are the ashes of my sanity, my passion, and my drive. All, utterly destroyed by themselves. May all those who look upon these desolated lands of Hellfire remember this fallen peon. He shed blood for the Alliance, and sacrificed for the Horde only to be driven utterly mad by the wicked and soulless ones who devoured what he held most dear. As they feast from his toils, may they suffer his wrath. Maybe not in this world, but in every world hereafter. It is my declaration, my solem oath, and my everlasting promise. I will avenge my suffering.

Weird places - Beggar's Haunt

Beggar's Haunt

What could be the reason of unmarked grave being watched by two heavy powered watchers? Why there are two horde NPCs located by the nearby tower? Any connection between those?

Beggar's Haunt can be found just close to road leading to Karazhan (east from DarkShire). Pass the tower with horde NPCs on left side, go through gate and you will arrive at place with grave, two watchers and waterfall.

Alicia's Poem

One from few memorials for real people included in game. And also quest, which you can finish. I would say, don't hesitate, go and do it. The story behind and poem you get in your bag are touching.

Don Carlos' Famous Hat and your own Coyote Spirit

Don Carlos' Famous HatIn New in 2.4.3 - New quest - Nice Hat i wrote about new quest from Don Carlos (graveyard of Gadgetzan). It's good to know, that you can complete this quest on heroics difficulty and get nice reward - blue version of his hat capable of summoning your own Coyote Spirt.

We have taken down Don Carlos with 3 druids (tank, tree healer, moonkin) while his company was kept asleep. He has nothing special to offer, just firing from his gun, casting some immobilise and disorientation, all time on his mount. Kill him, them kill his company. And then one can get [Don Carlo's Famous Hat]. All who need to get quest item will get that, of course.

Your own Coyote Spirit will accompany you whenever called and hat is kept on your head :)

Coyote Spirit from Hat


How not to kill Anachronos

Anarchronos, for my lvl 70 druid still "BOSS", some 1578.3K HP, immune to arcane of course, to have it harder. Me (moonkin), Elizza (druid tank) and Xiba (tree healer) tried to take that funny guy down.

Anachronos, at 30%

Took long minutes, many Innervates and help from one horde druid as well. At 20% we were confronted with fact that we made "terrible mistakes" and Anachronos just disappeared. Coward.

"A terrible and costly mistake you have made. It is not my time, mortals."

Bag Guide

Shortage of space in your bags and your banks is never ending. And more advanced your toons are, you need more and more bag space. Look at what is available

New in 2.4.3 - Orc band in Shatrath (and BRD)

World's End Tavern in Shattrath every hour live performance of L70etc orc band. Great to see and even better to listen. They should show at 20:00 every day in bar inside BRD too :)

New Orc band playing live!

Actually it's "Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain" band, or rather "The Tauren Chieftains" inside Taver. L70etc is real-life band made up of Blizzarrd employees.  See more on

New in 2.4.3 - Mycah's Botanical Bag

New and nice - Herbal bagNew herbal bag available from Mycah in Sporeggar (Zangarmarsh) - required is Revered reputation with Sporeggar (and that hell easy to get btw)

28 slot her bag for 4x Primal Mooncloth and 2x Fel Lotus is really cheap. And 25 mushrooms on top of it.


New in 2.4.3 - Wth is Arena Vendor doing in BRD?

OK, ok, Gritz Gutshank is hiding in famous bar place in middle of BRD instance. He is "just" Arena Vendor. Interesting idea ...

Arena Vendor in BRD

But. Next one is better. Every day 20:00 live band in the same spot. The very same band as one showing in Shattrath. Stage ready ...

Live band in BRD. Whoa!

New in 2.4.3 - New quest - Nice Hat

Don Carlos want's you to defeat his older (younger) self in Old Hillsbrad (which is in Caverns of Time, as you might know). Actual Don Carlos is residing, ehm, just at cemetery next to Gadgetzan (which is, you sure know, in Tanaris). Nothing magical on that Hat, but it's pretty big :)

New quest - Nice Hat

Ah, and forgot. Haliscan Brimmed Hat is part of Haliscan set - Haliscan Jacket and Haliscan Pantaloons are two other parts. Their are craftable and any Tailor who finished this quest can get them in Steamwheedle port.

Don Carlos is patrolling between SouthShore and Old Hillsbrad instance with his pet (both elite) - exact spot is between bridge over river and tower (the one between Taren Mill and SouthShore). His Heroic version drops blue Hat which can be used for summoning his wolf.  Please note, that he despawns after some time - so either do him first (before normal instance business) or reset instance after and kill only him.

New in 2.4.3 - Riding skill and mounts now from lvl 30

Great change, no need to wait for lvl 40, get your riding skill and mount at lvl 30. Contrary to popular belief there are not new mounts for "lower" level - it's just lowered level requirement, So get ready for buying riding skill (Apprentice Riding) and mount you like (and can get per faction). Prices are probably influenced by faction status of my lvl 70 druid. So be ready to pay bit more.

Riding from lvl 30 now!

New in 2.4.3 - Haris Pilton opened her shop with ...

Haris Pilton (located in World's End Tavern - Shattrath) is finally doing something good for community. "Gigantique" bag is giantic not only in size (22 slot), but also in price 1200G (gold sellers must be so happy). Rest of items are funny roleplaing items :)

New in 2.3.4 - Haris Piltion opened her shop with ...

New in 2.4.3 - Easier final leveling of Cooking

This IS really good news. Finishing your cooking was always a matter of cooking only Spicy Crawdad. Not easy, as those fishes are available only for very skilled fishes. Now Kylene, located in World's End Tavern (Shattrath) ovvers three new recipes - Stewed Troud, Hot Buttered Trout and Fisherman's Feast. And as you can see, two of them are still red for leveling up to 375.

New in 2.4.3 - Easier cooking

Btw, found it now, but it's probably from 2.1.2 patch :)

New in 2.4.3 - Blowing up the Stormwind

Lots of explosives there. And one very carefull explosive master. No surprise, blowing up the Stormwind might be deadly, so it needs carefull planning. The wall you see on picture will disappear later to make room (and path) for new harbour. Preparation for the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK)! Wanna see it? Look close to cathedral, left side when facing it.

New in 2.4.3 - Blowing up the Stormwind

Worth mentions is - there is nothing on "other" side. It's still unfinished area, you still end "under" actual Stormwind and there are still two big holed leading outside of world. But it's certain, Blizz will have to do some tweaking to that place later :)

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.4.3

Going live worldwide and bringing many interesting changes.

Usefull Macros for various classes and uses

Don't waste your time smashing keyboard or moving/clicking mouse like mad. Some tasks are better suitable for clever macros. The best one inside? Clever tab targetting!

Zangarmarsh, lovely place

Zangarmarsh, lovely place

Did i ever say, that i have certain love and hate zones in World of Warcraft? One from zones i really love is Zangarmarsh. It's not only visually nice, it also offers really interesting music in bog area in it's SW end.

Missing recipes? Ackis Recipe List is extremely handy

Ackis Recipe List (download) is fresh discovery in my add-ons. Great job done as it cna scan your crafting recipes for any profession (uncluding rogue poisons and hunter pet skills) and produce list of recipes which you are missing. Howering over recipe shows it, expanding line shows the most important information - where to get that recipe. Good luck in hunting.

Ackis Recipe List

Handy Mods - GemHelper

Extremely usefull add-on (mod). For non-jewelcrafters it servers as interactive database of gems. Just tell what kind of stats from gems you need, GemHelper tells what gem is needed.

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