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Addon tip : Satrina Buff Frames

Autor chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 17.12.2009

Satrina Buff Frames is good replacement for standard buff frames from Blizzard. Even in it's basic form it offers few important enhancements - buffs can be placed inline (vertical or horizontal) and separated between buffs and debuffs more clearly. Obvious additions are better visible timers and change in size/form. For those more advanced there are tons of options and possibilities. And if you like "bar" view, even that is possible.

You can combine them with Quartz into something good and practical to use. Quartz offers better representation of cast bar and buffs/debuffs at target and focus frame. For my moonkin Quartz offers mainly better overview of various DoTs placed there - it's easier to see them fading and requiring renew.

Main reason for switching to Satrina Buff Frames was for me need to list buffs and debuffs as one line atop of the screen (i just love lot of free space) with better visibility of debufs. And SBF does it marvelously.

Štítky : WOW, WOWEN, Add-on, Satrina Buff Frames

Poslední změna : 17.12.2009 10:53, Vytvořen : 17.12.2009 10:53, Vydán : 17.12.2009, 31249x

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