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Feast of Winter Veil guide - Complete guide to get all your achievements

Autor chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 15.12.2009

Long waiting for meta-achievement and nice drake might be over for some players. But it won't be fast. And here we are with some help.

Where and how to start

Ironforge or Orgrimmar is proper starting place - you get few quests and taste of what is going on. Saving Metzen (On Metzen! achievement) is the first thing to do of course - head to Searing Gorge or Tanaris and don't forget to open the bag you have received. Shortly after that you can head Alterac Mountain and locate missing courier and then kill the poor lvl 36 elite (The Abominable Grench) to finish second quest. Don't forget to pick up loads of snowballs.

Meanwhile, every once 60 mins go and /kiss a Winter Revealer (NPC inside Inns all around the world) to get items - you will need them for one from other achievements. The one needed is, btw, possible to obtain on alts and send to yourself.

Don't forget to get cooking recipes, if you haven't already - one is in your mailbox, other can be purchased from vendor. You will need some Small Eggs (for alliance Westfall is easy place to get them, for Horde maybe Eversong and dragonhawk mobs) and Ice cold milik (vendor's inside Inns). The rest of ingreditents is, again, on Winter Veil vendors. The Winter Veil Gourmet achievement done.

After finishing initial quests (you got Simply Abominable achi done) just follow up with one more quest - sends you for book about Vinter Veil and then one quest further. Nothing spectacular. And of course you get quest to spend 5G and Deeprock Salt (for alliance Badlands is nice place to get it) in exchange for Preserved Holly..

No more quests after that.

Vinter Veil - complete guide to get all your achievements

The rest is about achievements.

Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la - head to Outland to Ogri'la (Blade's Edge Mountains) place, get quest for bombing (Bomb Them Again!), apply the Preserved Holy and just do quest. Achievement done.

Don't worry about not having reputation up the hill for this quest, it is not needed for just this one.

He Knows if You've Been Naughty

will have to wait a bit as present will be available later - when it's right time for them (25th of December).

Scrooge (Ally) and Scrooge (Horde)

is just about throwing a snowball at Magni Bronzebeard (Ally) or Cairne Bloodhoof (Horde). Easy, if you have snowballs.

With a Little Helper from My Friends

is doable, but not really fast - 50 HK takes some time because the gnome masquared is gone moment you die. Middle of Dalaran has one device to get it, otherwise look in other cities.

'Tis the Season

requires 3 pieces of winter clothing and Graccu's Mince Meat FruitCake - that one you will get eventually inside package (in your mail).

Then just wear clothing and eat. And where to get the clothing? Tailoring and Leatherworking (Red Winter Clothes or Green Winter Clothes, Winter Boots and you can add Green Winter Hat or Red Winter Hat - head to Northrend dungeons, see list in Winter Veil bosses for Red Winter Hat and Green Winter Hat)

Crashin' & Trashin'

need tank racer - again, you will get the item evetually (inside presents under christmass tree) and then just involve friend/guildie and go. This achievement is not needed for MerryMaker. Be warned, 2009 festival does not offer the Tank Racer item, so you can only count on someone having it from 2008.

Let it Snow

needs Handul of Snowlakes which you can get by /kiss-ing Winter Revelers NPC mentioned earlier. Rest is just patience.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's (Ally) and Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's (Horde)

will need a bit of travelling. And Mistletoe of course.



Brother Nimetz - The Rebel Camp (STV)
Borther Anton - Nijel's Point (Desolace)
Brother Karman - Theramore (67,47)
Brother Wilhelm - Goldshire (41,66)
Brother Kristof - outside Stormwind Cathedral
other brothers - inside Stormwind Cathedral
Brother Malach - Undecrcity (55,22)
Durkot Wolfbrother - Warsong Hold (40,55)
Brother Keltan - Horde gunship in Icecrown

A Frosty Shake

is easy as soon as you get hand on Snowman disguies (Winter Veil Disguise Kit will arrive in email about day after completing Simply Abominable) and Snowball. Dalaran, dance with another and you are set.

BB King (Ally) and BB King (Horde)

is usual way of dying in enemy cities - "Pelt the enemy leaders" means throw a snowball on them using a Red Rider Air Rifle (comes from presents). It's five of them, so plenty of work - druids and rogues have a better chance :)

The GOOOD news about this last achievement is, that it is not required for final Merrymaker meta-achievement.


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