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Day of the Dead

Autor chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 1.11.2009

Hallow's End gone, hope you have got all achievement. Day of the Dead is here. Will tell you how to get easiest achievement ever. And also how to get one weird pet which does nothing. And in fact, it's not pet. Anyway, doing the quest gives easy money and over 20K XP for those 70+

Head to graveyard near of any major city of your faction and /dance with Catrina to get one from easiest achievements ever. Also do not forget to talk with vendor (available at the same place) and get Boquet of Orange Marigolds - it will allow you to see departed (ghosts of dead people, what else).

World of Warcraft - Day of the Dead

But, that's not all, purchase recipe for Bread of the Dead (Ice Cold Milk and Simple Flour needed, so buy it straight as you have too cook it at "Ghostly Cooking Fire" anyway) - you will need it to feed the ghosts. And worth to say, it's another recipe if you hunt cooking achievements.

Anyway, if you see the ghosts, you can get quest Cheerful Human Spirit - after completing you can get Macabre Marionette pet (usable only during the event and it's not regular pet which you can learn as others).

World of Warcraft - Macabre Marionette pet from Day of the Dead event

Are you unable to get that quest? Well, it's simple, you have to be in graveyard of your (race) major city. The rest can be done on any graveyard of your faction. Or, if you are extremely lazy, Dalara is the key :)

And that's all folks.

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