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LOTRO : Flasks, Draughts, Salves, Potions

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Overview of all potions used for healing, restoring power, removing debuffs, etc.

Removing debuffs

All available for 8s (pack of 20 for 160s)a piece at vendors. Available also as drops or quest rewards.

Don't forget to take advantage of discount available at vendors where your house is located. Pack is 136s in such case (available inside homesteads from Supplier & Provisioner).

Cooldown is 30s and they are all on the same cooldown. This is crucial to know when there is urgent need to cure something (like on last boss of Barad Gúlaran). Choosing wrong potion can be deadly.

Type Effect Salve Flask/


Lesser Simple Greater Refined Pure
Conhuit Fear 6m range self 10 20 30 40 55
Lhinestad Disease 6m range self 10 20 30 40 55
Healing Wound 6m range self 10 20 30 40 55
Milkhistle Poison 6m range self 10 20 30 40 55

Restoring Morale and Power

All made by Scholars, cannot be purchased. Available also as drops or quest rewards.

They have cooldown of 2 minutes each (not shared).

Effect on Lesser (15) Greater (25) Refined (35) Pure (45)
Celebrant Salve Morale 120-140 220-240 320-340 420-440 520-540
Essence of Athelas Power 120-140 220-240 320-340 420-440 520-540

Taking care of Dread

LOTRO encounters are in many cases based on bosses imposing a dread upon players. In end-game places, nearly every encounter is undoable without using Edhelharn tokens which give a fellowship a Hope buff to counter-strike imposed dread.

Edhelharn tokens are made by Jewelcrafters and you should always carry with you at least the +5/15min ones (pack of 5). Raid needs tokens applied in every fellowship. Those killed and battle rezzed will not have the effect on themselves, so it's advisable to have more tokens available. Tokens have 60 minutes cooldown making it even more difficult.

Some encounters can take longer than 15 minutes, in such case the 30 mins one (critted version) is needed or coordination to get up new token on right time.

  Min. level Effect How long
Glorious Edhelharn Token 40 +5 30 mins
Brilliant Edhelharn Token 40 +5 15 mins
Shinning Edhelharn Token 35 +4 15 mins
Glossy Edhelharn Token 30 +3 15 mins
Faint Edhelharn Token 25 +2 15 mins

End game advices

Always keep pack of Pure Flask Of Conhuith, Pure Flask Of Lhinestad, Pure Healing Draught and Pure Milkhistle Draught ready for instances/raids. Whilst you can easily do Urugarth and Carn Dúm without them, anything else really needs them - Barad Gulara, Helegrod and The Rift really require them for some encounters.

With "6m range" one can cure a fellow nearby. Some classes have a spells available for curing (decursing, debuffing). Minstrel can cure fear for example, Lore-Masters can cure different ones.

The same way you should have enough of Pure Celebrant Salve and Pure Essence of Athelas.

Effect on  
Pure Celebrant Salve Morale 520-540
Pure Essence of Athelas Power 520-540


Item Effect Level Range/self
Pure Flask Of Conhuith 1 fear 55 single target
Pure Flask Of Lhinestad 1 disease 55 single target
Pure Healing Draught 1 Wound 55 single target
Pure Milkhistle Draught 1 poison 55 single target
Pure Healing Salve 1 wound 55 single target, 6m
Pure Milkhistle Salve 1 poison 55 single target, 6m
Pure Salve of Conhuith 1 fear 55 single target, 6m
Pure Salve of Lhinestad 1 Disease 55 single target, 6m

Note : Prior Book 11 (maybe Book 10) there were different potions. You still can have them in your inventory (like Milkhistle Draught, Flask of Conhuith, etc). The difference was in absence of limits - they cured all effects for example, not just one.

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