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LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 7th

Autor chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 7.11.2007

The Rift is bugged, heavily bugged. Seeing through walls is funny, but does not make anything bad. Bugged bosses and their scripts are bad thing. Door getting stuck after wiping at Thrang is really bad. And Codemasters of course decided, that trash on long way past Eldgang vendor will respawn continuously, so even you killed bosses up to Thrang, you still have to spend a hour of fighting to get to him again. But no surprise, Codemasters have this weird idea : pissed players are best players. Still, The RiftIS wonderfull instance.

Gold sellers are having their own Harvest Festival. Standing in city and spamming channels with offer of their services every second. For hours and hours, nobody cares. Sometimes i have bad feeling that gold sellers and bots are in fact supported by game makers. It's good for their income. There is large pool of ppl who would stop playing without ability to buy anything they want.

Gloriela, hobbit minstrel

Meet Gloriela, hobbit minstrel. Little hobbit minstrel of mine is slowly reachign its game maturity, level 50. Book 11 update was taking care of minstrel skills, mainly adding some "kind of" dps state to it. And nerfing healing skills. There are many ppl complaining about that. I have to say that i really like to play my minstrel. And those new skills, brought by Book11, are really good.

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