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LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 2nd

Autor chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 2.11.2007

Oh. I have met a Gollum yesterday. As my minstrel (44 now) is happy to try all new quests (added with Book 11), she has found a marvelous chain. It end's in private instance (single, not fellow) where you can see sneaky cheaky Gollum. First time ever in Lord of the Rings Online. Great!

Gollum in Trollshaws

Game has a maintenance day today, instead of usual thursday, promising some patches - i wont show you patch notes, as it's probably only joke from game writers. There are numerous bugs introduced in Book 11, but patch notes are just about. Well, nothing.

I can confirm that mezzing Hillmen-Slave at Boss #1/#2 will stop new waves spawning. Wild guess, it's not working as intended, so we will see this for sure fixed. I got my first "token" in The Rift yday. Which in turn means, i am proud owner of new champion boots (yes, my main is champ, minstrel is just first from alts).

Štítky : Lotro

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