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LOTRO : Lore-Masters Non-combat pets

Autor chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 1.11.2007

Get your very own non-combat pet - new feature of Book 11 which is not (yet) well known.


Pet How to get it
Hare From quest given by Radagast the Brown
Sparrow Elven reputation reward (Kindred)
Turtle Mathom society reputation reward (Ally)
Dog World drop (45+ areas)
Cat World drop (45+ areas)
Fox World drop (45+ areas)
Frog World drop (45+ areas)

For being able to use nob-combat pet you must have completed Book 2, be level 24 or more and have trait "Friend of the Wild". Which you will get from Radagast the Brown quest serie (actually follow-up of Chapter 8 Book 2) - as it happens in Agamaur, it's obvious you cannot be really low level (even the quest is lvl 29). Grin. 

Pets can have their own name - either click on them and use the menu or use "/pet rename name".

Non-combat and combat pets cannot be summoned together.

Non combat-pets can be acquired through Tomes which are Bind-On-Equip (and thus tradeable).

Quite a lot of ppl mentioning Goblin-Town as good source for those.


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