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LOTRO : The Rift journey begins

Autor chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 29.10.2007

First kin (Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima) run into new 12 main raid instance The Rift has been enormous succes. First two bosses downed without (boss) wipe in 3 hours of time. Great work done, and many thx to those from outside of kin who have done great job.

Lotro, The Rift journey begins

The Rift, new 12 man raiding instance, is interesting place. Boss fights are far away from usual tank-and-spank and require tactics. Trash mobs are hitting like train and are numerous, whilst pull must be made carefully and timed.

Killing first two bosses opens access to city located inside The Rift where giant race of Eldgang dwells and needs help of all who can help. And more bosses (nine in total) are awaiting with new challenging fights.

Štítky : Lotro

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