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LOTRO : Bits and bytes October 27th

Autor chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 27.10.2007

Festival celebrations are running. Well, most of the time NPCs are broken, but there is plenty of time to try. Festival grounds in Bree-Land (north of Bree-Town), Duillond (Ered-Luin), Thorin's  Hall (look into Inn) and Old Party Tree in Hobitton (Shire). Some rewards are handy for your housing. And there is chance you can get a mount at Festival grounds in Bree-Land.

New spell effects from Lore-Masters are huge drain to your fps, but lore-masters are very happy with update. Not only new pet, lynx, seems to be really a wonder, there has been a huge upgrade to LMs dpsing.

My (at this time lvl 42) minstrel was surprised from bunch of new spells, mainly from new War-Speech. Seems minstrels in LOTRO are having a chance to turn to "shadow priests" like creatures (those from WOW know). Only if it would drain less o power ... I still have to figure out for what are new spells allowing me to learn other ppl to play on musical instruments. Anyone care to explain?

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