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LOTRO : Book 11 Tips and Hints (work in progress)

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What's new in Book 11 from player's view - changes in reputation, where are new quests, where are new areas, shot at new deeds and more

Reputation changes

  • New items at existing reputation vendors, some of the related to housing system, but have seen many new items

    >> The Eldgang reputation
  • Faimir (Rivendell, outside Last Homely House) offers "Into the rift" quest - introduction to new reputation faction "The Eldgang" (+1200) - talk to Glorfindel. Continues as talk to "Iorelen", camp must be somewhere close to The Rift place. Obviously new faction related to The Rift

    >> Elves of Rivendell reputation
  • Elrond (Rivendell, inside Last Homely House) offers "A Missing Scout" quest (+300 with Elves of Rivendell) - find missing scout in Goblin-town
  • Imyl (Rivendell, inside Last Homely House) offers
    "Goblin-Town Tabbards" reputation Quests (+900 introduction, 500 repeated, for 10 of  tabbards) and
    "Elf-relics" reputation Quest (+1200 introduction, 700 repeated - for one relic).
    Rejoice, not anymore only Signets of Rhudaur
  • Nogmeldis (Misty Mountains, Vindurhal) offers "Glorwen's Fate", +700 and "Against the Pack", +700, then other quest for defeating Blackfang (+900) where you learn about some poor soul taken into Goblin-Town. Which of course is next quest, "Down, Down to Goblin-Town" where you go there and release that poor soul, Glorwen.
  • Eywind (Misty Mountains, Vindurhal) offers "Goblin Hunt", +700 and "Goblin Fire", +700. After finishing them, Nogmeldis will offer "Gandalf's Secret Recipe" (+300) and with little help from Gandalf you getn "Conflagration (+900).
  • Some from quest followups in MM are reputation related (Elves of Rivendell)
  • Item [Shining Heart-Wood] drops from Wood Trolls in Eryn Singor and starts quest "Valuable Heart-Wood" (+300), bring it to Tordúril (The Market of Rivendell). It is not repeatable even the "Shining Heart-Wood" will drop again for you.
  • Item [Perfect Boar-tusk] frops from Boars in South Trollshaws with reward [Boar-Tooth Dagger] (17.2dps), quest is level 34.

    >> The Wardens of Annuminas
  • Ringlor (Tinnundir, Evendim) offers "Fighting in the Streets" (+700)

Book 11

For Book 11 overview look into article LOTRO : Epic books overview 

New Quest Starters (not reputation related)

  • Bilbo Baggins (Rivendell, inside Last Homely House) offers "Passage to Darkness" (finding entrance to Goblin-town)
  • Glorfindel has "Glorfindel's Company" quest, sending you to Tinnundir. Might be it's old one.
  • Glóin (Misty Mountains) offers "Into the High-Pass" (talk to Eywind, at Vindurhal) and "Goblins at the Gate" (defeat Goblins and find main gate)
  • Torgest (Misty Mountains, Thorgest's Haven which is in Hrimbarg) has quests "Thorkell Has Fallen", "Business Before Vengeance" (follow up "A Worm by the Tail") and "Eliminating the Trail"
  • Garbert (Trollshaws, Garbert's Cottage in Tal Bruinen) has "Bert, Tom and Bill"
  • Stray Barrel, can be found in wilderness in Tal Bruinen (Trollshaws, 36.8S, 14.9W) starts a "Surprise Pipe-Weed" (goes to Pippin, dont run around Rivendell like chicken)
  • Plenty of 40-44 quests available at Echad Candelleth - settlement in Tal Bruinen (Trollshaws), including some Elven reputation ones (like "Dangerous Enterprise" from Tongannel - starting the quest line full of reputation , "More Confused than Usual" from Cerys, "Worms on the Heights" from Daervellas)
  • Dwalin (Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin) offers "Dwalin's Concern"
  • Rochwen (by road in Trollshaws) offers "A Road Seldom Travelled" which is a quest introducing you to Echa Candelleth settlement in Tal Bruinen (new area introduced in Book 11)
  • "Giant Footprints" chain starts from a Strange footprint found at slope atop Bruinen - it on western side, all way to south.

New Areas

  • Trollshaws - south of place where you were hunting wolves for quest and deed
  • Misty Mountains - North High Pass and South High Pass (lvl 45+ i would say) - East Half of map - with entrances from Eastern Bruinen Source and Giant Halls. There is a new Milestone as well as some NPCs (Vindurhal, dwarven camp).
  • Housing areas in every settlement - visible on map

Misty Mountains - Goblin-Town is north part of new area

Main entrance to Goblin town is in north - from Vindurhal just go downhill (east) and turn north, you will soon get there. The other entrance (The Black Crack) - from Vindruhal go north and just follow the road.

Goblin-Town has also some  instanced (public) parts :

  • Den of the Northern Army (Orcs, Blogmal)

Angmar - The Rift of Nurz Ghaah

East from Barad Gularan. It is not possible to get there from Gath Fornir directly, the best way to get there is, unfortunately, to get around Barad Gularan. Be ready to fight you way through numerou Elite Masters. For serious attempts to raid this place, Hunter with his fire set to there is a MUST.

There is a camp with quest NPCs and bartering NPCs - The Rift introduces token system, where you get a tokens drops from killed bosses and can barter them for armour, weaponry and some other items.

New reputation

Faimir (Rivendell, outside Last Homely House) offers "Into the rift" quest - introduction to new reputation faction "The Eldgang" (+1200) - talk to Glorfindel. Continues as talk to "Iorelen", in camp close to The Rift entrance. Continues as "The Ledgang" (+1200, Obsidian Rock Shard and Scrap of Rift-Iron Ore).


All quests can be taken at camp close to entrance. They give a reputation increase for Eldgang and bartering items

  • "The Craft of the Enemy" (Defeat Barz and Zurm, +1200, Obsidian Rock Shard, 2 Scrap of Rift-Iron Ore)
  • "Mushroom for Rivendell" (+1200, Obsidian Rock Shard, 2 Scrap of Rift-Iron Ore)

New Deeds

  • The Forbidding Heights (Misty Mountains, exploatory), Honesty + 1
  • The Wilds of Tal Bruinen (Trollshaws - Tal Bruinen, Exploatory), Honesty + 1
  • Bilbo's Buttons (Misty Mountains, inside Goblin-Town), Honesty + 1


  • Houses (personal, kin) can be purchased at NPCs which are NOT located at entrance to housing area (silly, yes). Usually they are somewhat before that area (like in Bree Land, or even worse in Ered-Luiin)
  • Houses are available for toons from lvl 15 up
  • Houses can be far from city (like in Bree-Land). Yes, silly, i know
  • There is mount travel to house area, but there is no mount travel back. Yes, it is ultimately silly
  • It's hard to find particular address in housing area as there are no signs. Silly again. You have to look at map and try and try
  • Only kin leader can purchase a kin house. Not the one designated as his successor.
  • You can have one house per account, not per toon. Silly, bloody silly.
  • Housing areas are in : Bree-Land (SE of Bree-Town), Thorin's (SW of Halls), Michel Delving (Sout of) and Ered-Luin (seems somehow east of Docks in Celondim)
  • Many housing decoration items are available at reputation vendors
  • "Travel to Kinship House" and "Travel to Personal House" skills are available, just place them on quickslot bar and use them.

    >> Taxidermist
  • Clar Whitethorn (Bree-Town, just close to Vault) offers new bartering system - for undamaged corpses it offers, what a surprise, a trophy statues which can be placed at your houses

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