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LOTRO : Epic books overview

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List of all epic books in Lord of the Rings Online - starting locations, complete chain quest names and prerequisites (if there are any)

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5 (you have to finish Book 4)

Book 6

This book give access to eastern part of Angmar, without finishing it one cannot pass the line of watching stones in Rammas Deluon.

Book 7 (you have to finish Book 6)

Book 8 (you have to finish Book 7)

Book 9 (you have to finish Book 8)

Book 10

Book 11 (you have to finish Book 10)

  • Starts at Calenglad in Tinnudir (Evendim) with Quest "Book XI. Chapter 1: Watching the Roads". Talk to Torogethir (Evendim Gate at Fields of Fornost) and Galthoriel (SE of Tinnundir, E of Dwaling). Btw, "East of Dwaling" is the point :) After that, back to Calenglad.
  • "Chapter 2: Mordrambor" , solo quest by nature ! And just cinematics, no fight
  • "Chapter 3: Cairns for the Fallen", collect some items from inside Annuminas
  • "Chapter 4: Remembrace" , solo quest by nature ! and be ready for extremely boring cinematics, no fight
  • "Chapter 5: Eastward Passage", lot of travel ahead. Amon Raith, then Weather top. And those wondering where Alphlanc is, Last Bridge, Trollshaws side.
  • Chapter 5 will lead you into Echad Candelleth settlement in Tal Bruinen, new area opened by Book 11 update.
  • "Chapter 6: A Cheerless Land" bring finally some fighting, numerous Angmarins camps are scattered around Tal Bruinen, just go and kill (lvl 50 and lvl 50 sigs). Can be soloed.
  • "Chapter 7: An Unsavoury Air" has two parts (the 2nd one really better with small fellowship),
     "Chapter 7: Secrets of Eryn Singor" (from Lavanthir at 36.8S, 15.9W, wood trolls are lvl 50 Sigs) where you have to find the cave deep in trolls area, then  it leads into
     "Chapter 7: Secrets of Eryn Singor" where you have to return back inside cave (full of 50/50S angamrins and trolls)
  • "Chapter 7: The Door of Delossad" (from Nuildir at 37.9S, 13.5W) easy to solo, inside the Delossad, take stairs up. Can be soloed.
  • "Chapter 8: The Crumbled Cellar", talk to Idhreneth (to be found not at side of river where Crumbled Cellar is). No fight involved.
  • "Chapter 9: The Diary of Sara Oakheart" involves searching for keys in Delossad. The riddle from Sara is something i dont understand, cause i got key in totally different place (bush just on right side of door). Can be soloed.
  • "Chapter 10: A Pouch of Gems for a Box of Key" from Merilos (Spire of Meeting in Rivendell) will make you to go to Goblin-Town for some gems. It can be soloed if you dont go too deep inside and just keep killing near entrance.
  • "Chapter 11: The Keys Repaired" where you just go back to Candelleth with repaired keys.
  • "Chapter 12: Prisoner of the Free Peoples" happens in Delossad as private instance and must be soloed. And it's really very nice one
  • "Chapter 13: Laerdan's Failing", just go to Elrond and get final reward.

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