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LOTRO : Annuminas instances and Annuminas itself (updated)

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Bits and pieces about Annuminas area and instances located there. Important notes about game mechanics. November 11 updated with detailed map of Annúminas.

Book 10 added new content in Annuminas area (Evendim zone). The great city is one from toughest and most pointless places in game. On our server (which is the highest population EU server) is deserted and players moved back to angmar or working on their alts.

Main problem of Annuminas is insane respawn rates, almost impossible to enter instances and system of Contor Points which have to be taken. Most of ppl is unaware of this basic game mechanics. And some of Control points are unable to be taken with fellowships of six which results in unability to enjoy gameplay in this place.

Annuminas instances and control points map

Ranger camp - Echad Garthadir

Quest hub and vendor hub - there are bartering vendors available who offers armour in exchange for bartering items (drops from mobs in annuminas and instances). Unfortunately, hardly anything from their offering is good for mid to good equipped lvl 50 player.

Ranger camp is always accesible by swimming around Tyl Annun or going inside Annuminas from back gate (on west side of shore). If first control point is taken, you can get a shorter route with high risk of being killed by dozens of lvl 50 and Elite mobs on the way. Still taking at least first point is good idea as it can speed up lot of things

There is no death respawn point in Annuminas, you will retreat on little island near Tinnundir and it takes ages and lot of troubles to get back. So better not to die.

If you die inside any instances, you will respawn at Ranger Camp and usually there is no way how you can safely return to instances you need. Call it whatever name you want, i call it stupid.

It's  important to understand mechanics of Control Points

Control Points can be captured by players, when taken into control, friendly NPCs will spawn there - they offer usually new quests (giving and returning) and their presence is important as it opens various instances. When Control Point is lost, you cannot return to instance, for example.

It is important to not to pull hostile monsters to control points as it will cause wipe of friendly npcs and control point will be lost. Players do not gain killing credit when NPCs kill monster, so its basically useless to use this common tactics!

LOTRO : Annúminas Map
Detailed map of Annúminas (click for readable version)


First control point - GWAELBAND - on map the North West one opens a gate between this point and Ranger camp. Easy to take down with fellowship (not even need to have full one).

Second control point - CLORHIR - on map its south one - opens access to nice, short and not really hard Annuminas instance which is also place of first quests you get there. This COntrol Point is impossible to take with one fellowships as killing monsters there triggers event with more waves coming and there are too many EMs. Also when wiped there, Control Point will have even more monsters as those spawned from waves will not despawn.

Owning Clorhir opens access to Glinghast instance (also called Gardens of Annuminas).

Third control point - TIRBAND - on map east one - is also place where you have to finish one from quests killing a EM guarding that point. It's possible to take it with fellowships, but you have to be carefull.

Owning TIRBAND and CLORHIR opens gates at bridge leading to Tyl Annun island where other instances are located - Ost Elendil and Haudh Valandil

Owning all three points is a must for finishing all instances in there.


Middle difficulty instance, accesible only when CLORHIR Control Point owned. One boss there only, at end of instance. It has few terraces with pools and little riddle is involved. Just keep clearing, not pulling anything you cannot handle.

The riddle is used to open gates between terraces - by using levers at basic pool. You can get knowledge of what levers to pull by watching a limfraen flowing between them - you start with pulling two levers, final doors are open by pulling all six levers (so you do need six members). Pulling wrong levers will spawn three shades, so you better to pull right ones.

Final boss is easy if you know the point - interrupt him from spawning too many adds. Champion is good to interrupt him constantly and keeping dps-ing him.


(info taken from

Ost Elendil was the seat of power in the former kingdom of Arnor. It contains the throne room from whence the kings of old would rule their once-grand empire.

The entrance is located on the fortified island of Tyl Annun overlooking Annuminas from the north.

In order to access the instance, the Free Peoples must control the camps of Gwaelband and Tirband. Controlling these points will open the gates that lead over the bridge connecting to Tyl Annun. From Tirband, proceed north-west until reaching the bridge, then head on over it. The instance entrance to Ost Elendil is straight ahead, on the left upon coming up several flights of stairs.

Ost Elendil is a short but very difficult instance, and can be completed within an hour if there are no fellowship wipes.


From the entrance hall, proceed to clear one or two pulls of Angmarim until reaching the main hall just beyond. At the end of the hall, Guloth awaits along with six Elder Morelendil Guard adds. The guards will not attack players who walk by, but walking up the stairs towards Guloth activates the first boss encounter. Before engaging Guloth, the south-west chamber must be cleared. All six chambers adjacent to the main hall contain Tormented Spirit mobs.

Players will notice a Counterweight hanging from the ceiling at the back of each room. Activating one will open the window behind it, and a briliant light shines through the south-facing ones. This light is known as The Light That Burns, because it instantly defeats any Morelendil Guard and Elder Morelendil Guard that move into it, transforming them into Tormented Spirit mobs. These spirits have a Shadow Shroud buff, making them very difficult to defeat. This can be counteracted by drawing them into Exposing Light, located in the center of the main hall in front of the stairs leading up to Guloth. Note that The Light That Burns only lasts for a set duration of time after the window is opened, so it will have to be re-opened after a little while to refresh the light.

After Guloth and his guards are defeated, head up the stairs and down the passage into the throne room. As with the main hall, the south windows of the throne room can be opened to let The Light That Burns shine inside. On the opposite side of the room, the light shines through stained glass windows in two different locations onto the ground. This is where Exposing Light is present. Sitting on the throne at the far end of the room is Balhest, the second and final boss. The fight is considerably difficult, requiring a lot of coordination amongst the members of the fellowship.

Once Balhest is defeated, the day is won and our heroes can finally get some rest. Don't forget to take a nice screenshot in front of the throne!

Two bosses - Guloth (52), Balhest (52)

Haudh Valandil

(info taken from

Haudh Valandil is full of nasty fear and disease effects and the water drains power. It is full of Kergrim, cave claws, and flashing Limrafns that will summon 3 elites or 1 master elite if they get too close to anyone in the group. The Limrafns can be mezzed by minstrels or sapped, can be feared, and can be stunned. It's best to get at maximum range and then lay into them and either fear or mez them if they get too close.

The instance requires a full group of 6. Lore-Masters equipped with their AoE disease and wound cleansing skill are especially useful as are Burglars and Champions. Having a Captain positioned outside of the instance is especially useful when recovering from wipes.

The instance is set up with a circular passageway which surrounds 6 central rooms, 3 on the west side and 3 on the east side. Each room contains one or two levers which opens up the next room, moving counterclockwise around the circle. Start the instance by moving down the stairs, killing the 2 patrolling Kergrims and then the two Limrafns. There is a master elite mob that patrols the circle, so keep an eye out for him.

Room 1: NW room - Pull the outside monsters back to the entrance stairs and kill them. Move inside and kill the mobs in there. 5 or so master elite cave claws will pop up out of the ground as you approach the lever. Kill them and pull the lever and move on to the next room.

Room 2: W room - Clear the outside and inside and pull the levers.

Room 3: SW room - This room has some issues with monsters resetting infinitely. Rush into the room, move as far away from the door as possible and kill of as much as you can and have people that need the relics get them and then have someone pull the lever. Some of the monsters will respawn infinitely, so ignore these until everyone is finished. Then, move outside of the room and kill off the monsters that follow.

Room 4: SE room - This room is extremely difficult. The easiest way to deal with this room is to clear go north from Room 3 and around to the east and clear everything back down the south side to Room 4. Clear the outside and inside and collect relics. Pulling the lever will pull a very large number of Limrafns and cave claws. Have everyone but a burgler or guardian go back to the NE corner of the map. The burger should pull the lever and then use HIPS and walk back out of the room. Several Limrafns will follow the burgler out but will not aggro. Have the group clear these off and continue to Room 5. If no burgler is available, have the guardian pull the lever, click on the dodge/parry/block buff and run out of the room to the north side of Room 5's step where they should wait and die. Have a minstrel resurrect him and continue on to Room 5. Alternatively, if you wish to fight to clear the room, move everyone in the group into the room as far away from the door as possible and pull the lever.

Room 5: E room - Clear the outside and inside and pull the levers.

Room 6: NE room - Clear the outside and inside and pull the lever. Five or so elites will run into the room. Kill them.

Once all the levers are pulled, a gate will open in the southern part of the instance. From Room 6, move to the NW corner of the map, then south. You will encounter a number of Limrafns that can be pulled singly or in groups of 2. Kill them off and enter the southern gate.

Climb the stairs and you will come upon Shingrinder on the bridge across the circular passageway below. He's got a nasty knockback so it is best to fight him in the groove between the braziers and the pillars. His knockback will knock you into the center of the bridge so quickly move back to the brazier groove when you get hit. Falling off the bridge will kill you. Moving everyone off the bridge will reset the encounter.

After Shingrinder dies, you will face Dolvaethor. Until you approach him, he will send a single burning Limrafn down the bridge towards the group. Approaching Dolvaethor will activate an event in which he begins to rapidly summon an increasing number of burning Limrafns. Kill them as quickly as possible or they can become overwhelming. Once you fight through them, Dolvaethor will retreat further back into the instance.

As you follow Dolvaethor back, you will encounter 2 elite Arnorian Wights and 2 Fiery Morelendil Guard. The Fiery Morelendil Guards will be non-aggro (green) until all of the wights are defeated. If you approach the wights or hit them will a bow shot, they will run down the stairs to their left and right and activate the 6 hidden wights on each side and will return to face you with all 14. The best approach to this encounter is to have a minstrel mez one and sap, root, sneak to, or rush the 2nd and kill it before it has a chance to run down the steps and activate it's friends. Once these 2 wights are dead, you can clear out the side rooms one wight at a time. Once the last wight dies, the two Fiery Morelendil Guards will activate and engage. They seem to have random aggro, so they will move from person to person.

Once the 2 Morelendil guards are dead, you can approach Dolvaethor and the resurrected corpse of Valandil. This is a challenging fight and one that requires significant coordination. Everyone should have morale potions ready for emergency heals and have eaten food before engaging. A hope token is also a must. Valandil attacks with melee attacks and an occasional shadow damage attack and has a Greater Protection Buff which makes him resistant to most damage types other than Westernesse and Light damage. Dolvaethor is mainly a caster and has several AoE fire attacks as well as a channeling fire attack towards one member of the group. The channeling attack is an especially devastating effect and can kill a group member in several seconds unless interrupted or removed. The channeling attack may be a wound effect (unconfirmed). Dolvaethor will fall on his knees and turn to face the channel-target.

It is best to split the group up into 3 or more smaller groups and array in a way where each group far enough away from the others to avoid Dolvaethor's AoE attack against one of the other groups. Group one should be a Guardian who will pull Valandil off to the side where To the King is used as often as possible to try to get off all green CJs. Group two should be the rest of the melee attackers (Captains, Champions, and Burglars, 2nd Guardians). They should focus on slowing and interrupting Dolvaethor's spells, especially his channeling attack where he falls to his knees. A combination of all yellow CJs and all green CJs works well against Dolvaethor. Groups 3+ should be the ranged attackers and Minstrels and can spread apart as long as they stay within healing range of the minstrel. Focus on burning Dolvaethor down and on dealing with his channeling attack. Once he's down, everyone should focus on Valandil.

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