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Spirit Beast tamed

Spirit Beast in Dalaran fountainI always wanted to have a rare pet on my hunter alt and I wanted either Loque'nahak or Gondria. Since Monday I believe in miracles :) What happened? As usually I was leveling with my friend in The Storm Peaks. There's no time to read chat or whispers too much, we go...we run...questing in a rush. So we are running and I just got some group inv. "Yea, that's some ninja invite again" I was thinking to myself. But suddenly some hunter asking me if I'm BM. And I am because of the exotic pets I wanted to tame. So I answer - yes. "Come, I have a spirit beast for you, Gondria". Wow, I was excited, shivering! The fastest way to meet was leave our current group and inv the hunter, so I did. Can this be real? Or is someone playing with me? No, it was real. The hunter said he already has this beast and just wanted to give opportunity to another hunter. I was so lucky! I put Freezing trap and started to tame. Uhm, I was a bit wild and I think there was some elite mob near, I think the hunter had to kill it so I could tame my beast. I really don't remember :) so I want to give my big thanks to him again, he could just kill Gondria for achievement/loot, but he were so kind to help me to tame her, he was Mithrael from Peacekeepers.

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