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LOTRO : Champion Bits and Pieces

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 19.12.2007

Champion is interesting combination of contact melee class with AOE abilities. Here are some infomation which might help you to get champion into right shape at end-game

My toon in World of Warcraft was end-game tank. While i had some alts (druid, priest, shaman), i spent most of the time in WoW playing a warrior. Obvious reaction to this was, that i did not roll a tank in Lord of The Rings, champion was the right choice - champions are warriors as they should be. Nice dps, medium survavibility in dps mode, good survavibility in defensive mode. Champions are best in dps, but are very good as tanks in any 6-man place and off-tanks in many situations.

Virtues for your Champion

There are few possible Virtues setup for Champion. Alash shows some in forums. As i am not really friend of Valour trait, i have different one (Valour is best for tanking build, but seems for me as vaste for anything else).

Endurance/PVP Build Tanking Build My OWN build
Determination Innocence Determination
Discipline Discipline Discipline
Justice Justice Justice
Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty
Valour Valour Tolerance

Class/Legendary Traits for your Champion

First three builds come from Alash, i am happy with my own build - in my view it's better for damage. For the same reason i went bit more to AOE damage side (with legendary). And btw, in my view, Controlled Burn is waste of any slot.

Endurance Build Tanking Build PVP Build My OWN build
Eye of the Storm Call of the Wild Deadly Strikes Deadly Strikes
Fervent Rage Fervent Rage Fervent Rage Fervent Rage
Heavy Shield Use Heavy Shield Use Heavy Shield Use Swift to Anger
Stalwart Blade Flurry Stalwart Blade Flurry of Blows
Vicious Strikes Patience Vicious Strikes Vicious Strikes
Ferocious Strikes Ferocious Strikes Ferocious Strikes Ferocious Strikes
Controlled Burn Controlled Burn Controlled Burn Explosion of Blades

To be Continued ....

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