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LOTRO : Book 12 details

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 13.12.2007

Some details about Book 12 emerged in two developer chats. And here we go with summary

New regions?

  • No new regions in Book 12 planned. Ettemnoors will be expanded with Delving of Fror (massive PVMP dungeon, group/raid based).
  • Some polishing of Angmar to be "more solo friendly" (probably)


  • Alts will enjoy recall to your main house
  • There might be a rotating items on hooks
  • New unique items (dropping from bosses)
  • Hooking of bound items
  • Possibility to see who owns the house


  • Two handed weapons
  • Some new skills
  • DPS stance
  • Better initiating of fellowship maneuvers
  • Engage enemy along with slowing their foes

Characters customisation

  • A "barber-shop" will allow change of hairstyle, adding/removing bears/scar, etc.
  • An "outfit-system" will allow you to wear item for it's stat but have visual appearance of different item
  • New dresses and social clothing
  • New items that go in hand slots (mugs for example)


  • Delving of Frór PVMP Dungeon
  • Possible revision of stun/roots/etc (clearly stated that it was done in favour of freeps)
  • 30 second stun is going away
  • New armour/weapon/jewelry set for freeps, new potions and items (coming from Delving of Fror)


  • "Fellowship Manoeveur" response (skill that can be used after succesfull FM)
  • Taking a friend into stealth
  • Cubs


  • Unspecified changes and updates to existing  skill, some new skills
  • New stance - between Fervour and Glory (power/pip regen, no damage bonus, some parry/evade)
  • Glory moving to mid-level, threat bonus increased, damage penalty decreass, pip generation added, power regen decreased
  • Sudden Defence useable in Fervour stance
  • Melee Critical Passive Traits Tier3/4
  • Upgrade of legendary skills
  • Hedge will dispel disarm and grant short immunity to disarm
  • Ire skills are getting upgraded


  • There might be fishing, but really not sure for Book 12.
  • Besides standard Crafting there will be possibility to acquire Hobbies and level them aside of standard 3 professions.


There are more goodies coming in future books.

  • Book 13 will be free and might bring one new region
  • Mounted combat
  • Sea monsters, sea combat
  • New hourse routes

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