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LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 28nd : Thrang Defeated

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 28.11.2007

Few weeks and Thrang has been defeated. Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima kinship advanced again int The Rift. Yesterdays first attempt at Thrang was succesfull, after some nearly three quarters of hour fight, Thrang finally died. Balrog (Thaurlach) is waiting. And he will be dead soon. I am sure about it.

Thrang Defeated

My minstrel is 50. Codemasters/Turbine should deliver some new content before xmass, at least i hope so. Lord of the Rings still must catch up in content richness and variety. And that lazy Fellowship of the Ring is still stuck in Rivendell.

I have spent some gold and time doing mining to get mats for my jewelcrafter. EvuulSara, name inspired by hellish Sara Oakheart, is hobbit burglar and now finally Master jwc. And will be a Grand Master for sure after some more time. Only few hundreths of Misty Mountain Silver Ore and all is set. Of course there is still issue to bring her up to (at least) level where she can use critting tools. But that will happen as well.




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