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LOTRO : Minstrel instruments overview

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 21.11.2007

Get right instruments for improving your minstrel skill. Be ready to use Theorbo to reduce your threat or turn your minstrel into improved damage. Here we list instruments and their effects

Instruments features

  • Simple / Superior / Exquisite Superior sets a amount
  • Instrument itself sets kind of effect
  • Beleriand / Dwarf-Make / Westernesse sets kind of damage Oathbreakers do (War-Stance spell)

  Threat reduction Balad damage Balad power cost Anthem power cost Song power cost
Drum   Increase Increase    
Flute         Decrease
Harp     Decrease    
Lute       Decrease  
Theorbo Yes        
Simple       -9%  
Superior   +15% +10% / -10% -12% -17%
Exquisite Superior   +20% +12% -14% -20%

Overview of existing instruments

For better understanding, here are some possible instruments. Basically :

  • For healing duty  -  Theorbo (threat reduction)
  • For maximising damage -  Drum (Balad damage and cost up)
  • For saving power -  Harp (Balads, for damaging/buffing) or Flute (Song) or Lute (Anthem)

  Oathbreaker damage Threat reduction Balad Damage Balad power cost Song power cost Anthem power cost
Exquisite Superior Beleriand Lute Beleriand         -14%
Exquisite Superior Beleriand Theorbo Beleriand Yes        
Exquisite Superior Dwarf-Make Lute Ancient Dwarf         -14%
Exquisite Superior Flute         -20%  
Exquisite Superior Theorbo   Yes        
Exquisite Superior Westernesss Drum Westernesse   +20% +12%    
Exquisite Superior Westernesse Theorbo Westernesse Yes        
Simple Lute           -9%
Superior Beleriand Theorbo Beleriand Yes        
Superior Beleriand Flute Beleriand       -17%  
Superior Dwarf-Make Drum Dwarf-make   +15% +10%    
Superior Dwarf-Make Harp Dwarf-make     -10%    
Superior Dwarf-Make Theorbo Dwarf-make Yes        
Superior Flute         -17%  
Superior Westerness Drum Westernesse   +15% +10%    
Superior Westernesse Flute Westernesse       -17%  
Superior Westernesse Lute Westerness         -12%
Superior Westernesse Theorbo Westernesse Yes        

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