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LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 20th

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 20.11.2007

Gloriela, my minstrel, is at lvl 50 and had few nice runs into Urugarth and Annúminas. It's interesting to see the difference between minstrel and priest (WoW).

The Rift after first Patch is still buggy. Third boss is bugging under stairs into evade, spawned monsters on stairs are bugging still as well. Anyway it's interesting fight now, at least. There is new bug at number six, Shadow-Eater. Summoner is spawning his worms behind fences where nobody can kill them. And while all are in combat, nobody can open the gate to start boss encounter. Mushroom picking-up quest is still not fixed.

LOTRO : The Rift : Beware of Ever Seer

Saving into instance in The Rift has one interesting feature. I went there with my minstrel through saved state of our raid (where i go with my main) just to check something. And as soon as i reached giant vendor (after first two bosses) i just got saved with whole #1 to #6. Even without killing anything. Call it  bug if you want.

Playing with traits and virtues might be sometimes interesting puzzle. Deeds and Traits here has  been updated, as i have spent some time revising and thinking about LousyAnne's setup. She is champion, so if anyone interested in possible Champion Traits Setup - Virtues (Tolerance, Determination, Discipline, Justice, Loyalty), Race (Eldar's Grace, Friend of man, Tactics and Conviction Bonus, Return to Rivendell, Power of the Eldar), Class (Deadly Strikes, Vicious Strikes, Swift to Anger, Fervent Rage, Flurry of Blow) and Legendary (Ferocious Strikes, Explosion of Blades)

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